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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dublin movements, October 1975

This month saw some interesting visitors.  The Alitalia 747s were on charter flights to and from Rome for the canonisation of Blessed Oliver Plunkett.  The Dutch Navajos were in connection with the kidnapping by the IRA of industrialist Dr Tiede Herrema, who was eventually traced to Monasterevin and released with only minor injuries.Article

Alidair Viscount N501TL was a very nice catch.  Photo I think it could not be placed on the UK register because of equipment differences and so it was disposed of to Far Eastern Air Transport the following year.
History of Viscount c/n 353  What is also interesting about this aircraft is that it crashed in Indonesia in 1980 while in service with Bouraq.  The cause was traced to failure of an elevator trim tab and subsequent separation of the right elevator.  When a detailed review of the 1968 loss of Aer Lingus Viscount EI-AOM was carried out in 2001/2, the Indonesian accident was among those cited as indicative of structural issues with the Viscount design.

1 October
C-GQBH        B707-123B    Quebecair
G-AZNC         Viscount         BMA
LN-RLN          DC-9-41         SAS
N28727          B707-331B    TW877

3 October
G-AVZZ          B707-138B    Laker (for maintenance)
I-ATIY              DC-9-32         ATI
N1798U          DC-9               Itavia
SE-DAU         DC-9-41         SAS

4 October
D-ABEM        B737-130       LH
D-ABEU         B737-130       LH
D-COMM       Falcon 20
EC-BYF          DC-9               Iberia
LZ-BTG          Tu-154            Balkan
N774TW         B707               TW877

8 October
G-APWH        Herald             BIA
G-BAVE         Beech 100
I-DEMB          B747-243B    Alitalia
PH-NAS         PA-31

10 October
G-AWZW       Trident 3B      BE
N94K              JetStar 8

12 October
A4O-VC         VC10              Gulf Air (training)

15 October
D-EKWJ         Beech Bonanza
G-AVFM & G-AWZL Tridents
G-BART         HS125            Green Shield Stamps
I-DEMA          B747-143       Alitalia
PH-BAB         PA-31

17 October
I-DEMO          B747-243B    Alitalia

18 October
D-CAFO         Learjet
EC-ASN         DC-8-52         Aviaco
EI-AOD           Cessna 182
F-BUVX         Rallye
G-AOYG         Viscount         BA
G-AOYI           Viscount         BA
G-AVBY         BAC 1-11       Laker
LZ-BTF           Tu-154            Balkan
N12AB           King Air 90
N77SW          Gulfstream II   Seagrams
PH-MAR         DC-9               Martinair

25 October
D-ABEQ         B737-130       LH
EC-BPG         DC-9-32         IB
N501TL          Viscount         Alidair
N28728          B707-331B    TW877
YU-AJD          Tu-134A         Aviogenex Photo

Dublin movements, September 1975

Not such a detailed listing here, to avoid being too repetitive.  I'm sorry, though, that I didn't take details of the based and very common visitors, which would give a better flavour of the movements seen.  However many days provided pretty lean pickings, with just a small number of non-Irish or UK aircraft to be seen.  I see that I noted one Air Corps Vampire on an overshoot, the type being on the verge of withdrawal as the Fouga Magisters arrived (my first sighting being of 215 on the 11th).

The Seaboard DC-8 on the 27th was my first sighting of one of these on the ground and they were not common visitors to Dublin.  (They were very regular at Shannon, though.)

1 September
N806WA        DC-8-63CF   World

2 September
58-6972         VC-137B        USAF 89MAW
167                 Mystere 20     French AF
EC-BXV         Mystere 20     Spanish AF
OY-DZR          P68B

5 September
191                 Vampire T.55            IAC
I-TIGI               DC-9               Itavia

6 September
EC-BQX         DC-9               IB
G-AVKC         BN-2A   (c/n 4)
LZ-BTC          Tu-154            Balkan
N100CC        Gulfstream II    Luqa Corp.
N8705T          B707-331B    TW877

7 September
61-0685         T-39A             USAF (now preserved at United States Army Aviation Museum, Ozark Alabama - Photo in museum)

8 September
N734T            B720-027       Aeroamerica Photo

11 September
215                 CM170 Magister       IAC

21 September
C-GTAI           B707-351C    Transair Canada Photo at HNL
G-APFL          B707-436       British Airtours
G-AVFJ          Trident 2E       BE
I-DABW          Caravelle        Alitalia
LZ-BTE           Tu-154            Balkan
N8733             B707-331B    TW877

27 September
D-IAMU          Cessna 421B
G-APIM          V806 Viscount  British A/W Photo in BA livery (& Preserved at Brooklands)
G-AYEH         Jodel DR.1050
G-BAIS           Cessna 177RG
N778TW         B707-331B    TW877
N8639             DC-8-63F      Seaboard World Photo

30 September
G-AXAI           Carvair           BAF

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dublin movements, August 1975

Here's another month's selection, with a representative picture of what was to be seen.

2 August
EC-ARC         DC-8-52         Aviaco
EC-BQZ         DC-9-32         Iberia
EI-ASM           B707-351C    Aer Lingus (leased from Zambia Airways in their basic livery,      ex-9J-AEB) Photo as 9J-AEB
G-ASEC         HS125
N403PA          B707-321B    Pan Am
N8731             B707-331B    TWA
N4867T          DC-8-63CF   TIA

3 August
OO-STB         B727-29C       SABENA (operated an Aer Lingus flight)

11 August
CF-TIN            DC-8-63         Air Canada
G-BBAH         L-1011             British Airways
OO-TEC         B707-131       TEA

12 August
A4O-VC         VC10             Gulf Air (training)

14 August
G-BDAE         BAC 1-11       Dan-Air
OH-LSD         Caravelle        Finnair
F99/61-ZG     Transall C160F      French AF

17 August
AP-AMG        B720-040B    Air Malta (leased from PIA)

20 August
177                 Provost T.51  Irish Air Corps
C-GQBH        B707-123B    Quebecair
EC-CGN        DC-9-32         Aviaco
N406PA         B707-321B    PA
OY-SAJ          Caravelle        Sterling

25 August
N733T            B720-027       Aeroamerica – maintenance

26 August
G-AWOV        CL44-D4        Tradewinds, c/s IK1566

29 August
G-APET         V953F            BA

30 August
D-ABEV         B737-130       LH
D-IMWZ          Learjet
EC-CQM        DC-8-54F      Aviaco
G-AOHO        Viscount         BA
G-ARPW        Trident            BA
G-AWLL         Bell 206
G-AWZT         Trident 3B      BA (destroyed in mid-air collision with Inex-Adria DC-9 YU-AJR over Zagreb on 10 September 1976)
N205M           Gulfstream II
N8732            B707-331B    TWA

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dublin movements, July 1975

3 July 1975
EC-CGP        DC-9-32                     Aviaco
EI-ASO           B707-349C                Aer Lingus (returned from lease to BCAL but was leased out again to Zambia Airways in mid-July, as 9J-AEC)
G-AOYN         Viscount                     BA
G-APEY         Viscount                     BA
G-AZNB         Viscount                     BMA (in partial Cyprus Airways livery)
N801WA        DC-8-63CF               World
N18701          B707-331B                TWA
OH-LSB         Caravelle                    Finnair – operating Kar-Air charter
OY-SBZ          Caravelle                    Sterling

BA jets noted were Trident G-ARPR and 1-11 G-AVML.

10 July 1975
D-IABC           Citation
D-EGUZ         PA-28
EI-AWR          Malmo MFI-9
F-BGNT          Viscount 708             Alidair
G-APVW        V35 Bonanza
G-ATPL          BAC 1-11                   Dan-Air
N93                 ET-29C                      FAA
N760TW         B707-331B                TWA
N762TW         B707-331                   TWA

The Alidair Viscount was still in Air Inter colours with just the titles changed, so it was quite a nice catch - as seen in this Mick Bajcar photo:F-BGNT    It was was on an oil industry charter, I think.

Dublin movements, June 1975

The advent of the summer saw a considerable increase in activity and, in the days before low-cost carriers, students and holidaymakers mostly travelled on charter flights.  The US supplemental carriers tended to use callsigns based on their registration, so the World DC-8 on the 13th would have been calling "World 805".  My visits to the airport were not that frequent, but here are a couple of days on which a variety of movements were seen.

13 June 1975
 201                 Dove                           Irish Air Corps
G-ATIG           Herald                         British Island Airways (BIA)
G-AVJB          Viscount                     BMA
I-ATIA              DC-9-32                     ATI
I-VSIA             SF260                        Siai-Marchetti (company demonstrator)
N80WT           PA-23-250 Aztec      Welltrade
N766TW         B707-331                   TW877
N805WA        DC-8-63CF               World Airways
OO-VGM        B720-022                   Delta Air Transport
OY-SAK         Caravelle                    Sterling
PH-ILX            Falcon 20                   Philips NV
SE-DAS         DC-9-41                     SAS

BA BAC 1-11s G-AVMP/T/V were also seen.  The Delta A/T 720 was still in basic United colours and, as far as I can recall, spent a good while with Aer Lingus for maintenance.  The Italian SF260 was on its way to Baldonnel and its visit led to an Air Corps order for the type.

28 June 1975
CF-SBR         Gulfstream II
EC-BIP           DC-9-32                     Iberia
EI-APF           Cessna 150
F-BTDA          AC1121 Jet Commander
G-ANVU         Dove
G-AWKX        Queen Air
G-AYVF          Trident 3B                  BA

G-BCCL         HS125                        McAlpine Avn.
N???PA          B707-321B                Pan Am (I never managed to tie this up...grrr!) 
N866F            DC-8-63CF               Overseas National (callsign OV866)

Dublin movements, May 1975

4 May
I-DABA           Caravelle        Alitalia, operating for SAM Photo in 1979

8 May
EI-ASL            B737-248C    Aer Lingus (just delivered)
G-AOHK         Viscount         British Airways
G-AOYP         Viscount         British Airways
G-AOYS         Viscount         British Airways
G-APEG         V953F Merchantman British Airways Cargo – BE3332/3335 Great photo at LHR
G-ARPL         Trident 1C      British Airways
G-AZRD         Cessna 401B
G-AZVS         HS125
G-BBME        BAC 1-11       British Airways

18 May (including some resident light aircraft)
D-ABEK         B737-130       LH
EC-CAK         B727-256       Iberia
EI-AST            Cessna 150
EI-ASV           PA-28R Arrow
EI-ATC           Cessna 310
EI-AUC           Cessna 150
EI-AWE          Cessna 150
EI-AWV          Grumman AA-5
EI-AYD           Grumman AA-5
EI-AYJ            Cessna 182   (wreck, in Iona hangar)
G-ARPK         Trident 1C      British Airways
G-AVFF          Trident 2E      British Airways
G-AZXM         Trident 2E      British Airways
I-DABL           Caravelle        SAM  Photo
LN-RLZ           DC-9-41         SAS
SE-GIS           PA-31 Navajo

30 May
CF-CPT         DC-8-55F      CP Air,in this great livery: Photo
EI-ASK           B737-222       Aer Lingus - Leased from United in this livery: Photo at LHR
G-AOYR         Viscount         British Airways
G-AVMN        BAC 1-11        British Airways
G-AVMS        BAC 1-11        British Airways
G-AZNA         Viscount         BMA
G-BCGU        HP137 Jetstream         Guinness Photo - note the company's harp symbol
I-ATIO             DC-9-32          ATI
LN-RLC          DC-9-41         SAS
N764TW         B707-331       TWA
N1221J          AC112
N69449          Cessna 340
N94725          Cessna 150

Dublin movements, April 1975

It is worth mentioning that the North Apron held three long-term residents:

N7777G  L-749A    
VP-BDF  B707-321 
C6-BDG  B707-321
The 707s had been operated by Bahamas World Airways.

3 April
G-AVFK    Trident 2E         British Airways
G-AVNG    Beech 80          Travel Air
G-AWZA   Trident 3B         British Airways
N37777     Boeing 720-022 - seen here at Miami the previous year as HP-685 

5 April
EC-BIR      DC-9-32              Iberia
N4869T     DC-8-63CF        Trans International

6 April
G-AXOY    V952 Vanguard   Invicta

12 April
93               Mystere 20          French AF
11+03        JetStar 8              Luftwaffe
CM-01       Mystere 20          Belgian AF
D-ABEH    B737-130            Lufthansa
D-ABEN    B737-130            Lufthansa

G-AWZN    Trident 3B           British Airways

14 April
N95            Convair ET-29C  FAA (flight calibration aircraft)

27 April (Sunday)
D-ABEY     B737-130            Lufthansa
EC-CAJ     B727-256            Iberia - on the once-a-week BCN-MAD-DUB flight IB741/2
EI-AWW     Cessna 414        DUB-based aircraft which in my experience flew only very rarely
G-ANNO    DH114 Heron
G-ARPC    Trident 1C            British Airways
N90WT      Cessna 206         Welltrade (this was Shannon-based)
SE-DAL     DC-9-41               SAS - flight number SK541/2, which operated                   CPH-MAN-DUB three times a week.