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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dublin Movements, September 1976

A month of two halves, perhaps.  The frst half saw little out of the ordinary, though a number of vintage light aircraft visited, in the shape of pre-war DH-85 Leopard Moth G-ACMA (which I think was a more common sight at Cork) and two Miles Geminis.  G-ALZG later took up Irish marks EI-BHJ but was destroyed in 1982 in a crash which claimed the life of its owner, Russell Winn.  The accident was attributed to structural failure of the tail unit.  The Balkan Tu-154 was an early example, with manufacturer's serial 74A-058. 

The Alitalia 747 was leased in by Aer Lingus to cover for one of the airline's own 747s and it continued to operate into October as well.

Fuel supply problems at Shannon later in the month saw some aircraft divert to Dublin instead.  These were mostly confined to a number of C-130 Hercules as well as some bizjets, for which Dublin's 7,500-foot runway would not have imposed performance limitations.  The Saudi Herks were a common sight at Shannon at the time, as they transited en route to and from the USA.

A final aircraft to note, though it was an overflier only, was US Navy C-118B 131616, which overflew Dublin on the afternoon of 22 September at flight level 090, southbound on the airway towards Strumble - most likely on a flight out of NAS Keflavik, Iceland.

1 September

G-APEY               V806

G-AVFI                 Trident 2E            BA

G-BDCL               AA-5

LN-RLS                DC-9                    SK

2 September

N93                       ET-29C                FAA

OY-SBW               Caravelle             Sterling

3 September

F-BTOV                 V952                      EAS

G-ASXV                Beech Queen Air

SE-DAL                 DC-9                      SK

4 September

D-ABEG                B737-130              LH

EC-BYG                 DC-9                      IB


HB-ICO                  SE210                    SATA

N492PA                 B707                      PA

6 September

G-ASLE                 PA-30-160

HB-VDA                Citation 500

N423PA                 B707                      PA

17 September

EI-BCE                  BN-2A                   RE

F-BXAJ                 V952                      EAS

G-BCCD               Ce.172

G-ACMA                DH-85 Leopard Moth

G-ALZG                 Miles Gemini

G-AYPV                 PA-28-140

HB-VDD                Falcon 10

N100CC                G.1159

OY-DNK                 Beech 35 Bonanza

OY-KGN                 DC-9                      SK

OY-RPM                 PA-30-160

SE-GLF                  PA-28

18 September

F-BUQC                Robin HR100

F-BXAP                 Beech 90 (App & go-around only)

G-AKHW                Miles Gemini

G-AZVS                 HS125

19 September

C-GVVA                Learjet

20 September

G-AVXL                HS125

N179AR               G-1159

N435PA                B707                      PA

21 September

F-BTML                Falcon 20

VR-BGD               HS125

9J-AEB                 B707-351C           Zambia A/W

22 September

F-BRUY                G-1159                  HRH Aga Khan

G-BDOA               HS125

23 September

1609                     C-130H                  RSAF

24 September

N435PA               B707                      PA

25 September

D-IHEF                 Cessna 414

G-AWNT              BN-2A

G-BAVE               Beech 100

LZ-BTD                Tu-154                   Balkan

N830TL                G-1159                  Time-Life

N901BM               G-1159                  IBM

N9232R                L-100-30               Southern Air

N28728                 B707                      TW

26 September

F-BLCG               B707                      Air France

C-GQBH              B707                      Quebecair

D-ABEI                 B737                      LH

EC-ARC               DC-8-52                Aviaco

EC-ATP                DC-8-52                Aviaco

EC-CBE               B727                      IB741

I-DEME                 B747-143              Alitalia

LN-RLN                 DC-9                      SK

N77SW                 G-1159

N493PA                B707                      PA

N767RV                BAC 1-11              Revlon

464                        C-130H                  RSAF

28 September

G-ASDC              ATL.98 Carvair     BAF

N5113H                G-1159                  Amerada Hess Corp.

29 September

CN-RMB              B707                      Royal Air Maroc

C6-BDP               BAC 1-11              Bahamasair

G-ASKK               Herald                    BIA

GAWGP               Cessna 210

G-BBUJ                Ce.421

SE-DAU               DC-9                      SK

PH-MAO               DC-9                      Martinair

1609                     C-130H                  RSAF

30 September

N410ND               Citation