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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Dublin movements, March 1975

Unlike today, when interesting movements are known about in advance or can be notified to other people as they appear, it was very much a case of going to the airport to see what was there.  I didn't yet have an airband radio and relied on visual sightings to identify aircraft and get their registrations.  Sightings from home had to be tied up after the event, assuming that someone else had seen and noted the aircraft involved.

10 March 1975
With an EU summit meeting (probably the first to be held in Ireland) taking place, several interesting visitors were seen:

11+02        JetStar 8      Luftwaffe 
16+05        HFB320      HansaJet
CM-01       Falcon 20    Belgian AF
MM62013 DC-9-32     Italian AF
OY-BFC    Learjet
PH-PBX    F28              Netherlands Govt.
XR397       Comet C4    RAF (this carried British PM Harold Wilson)
141            Caravelle      French AF
205            Cessna 172   Irish Air Corps
207            Cessna 172   Irish Air Corps
268            Mystere 20   French AF

Other more typical visitors/residents seen were:

G-ASUG    Beech 18    Loganair (This was retired soon after this visit to Dublin, I think.)
EI-ARS      DC-4           Aer Turas - now preserved at Frankfurt in USAF colours:
G-ARPE    Trident 1       British Airways
G-AVMI    BAC 1-11    British Airways
G-BBMF   BAC 1-11    British Airways
LX-LGV   B707-348C  Luxair (this was the former EI-AMW of Aer Lingus and had been the Irish carrier's first 707)

14 March
With St. Patrick's Day approaching, a couple of US charter flights had arrived.  A visit by the Canadian Prime Minister brought in a nice CC-137 (Boeing 707), which was parked right outside the window on stand 31.

EI-AWB     Bolkow 105          Irish Helicopters
G-APWF    Herald                  BIA
G-AWMS   HS125                  Rio Tinto Zinc (this was a regular visitor)
G-AXOW   PA-23-250 Aztec
G-BBBD     PA-23-250 Aztec
N886PA      B707-321B          Pan Am
N4908C      DC-8-63              Capitol
13705          CC-137               Canadian Armed Forces

16 March
D-ABBI      B727-30                Lufthansa

28 March
Italian domestic operator ATI appeared with two DC-9s on charter flights.  At the time they wore a dark blue colour scheme. I had never even heard of the company up to this, so regarded them as quite exotic!

G-AOHW   Viscount               British Airways
G-ARPF     Trident 1               British Airways
G-ARPN    Trident 1               British Airways
G-AVOF     BAC 1-11            British Airways
G-AWZC    Trident 3               British Airways
G-AYOL     Gardan Horizon
G-BCWG   BAC 1-11             Monarch
I-ATJC        DC-9-32              ATI
I-DIZC        DC-9-32              ATI
N8737         B707-331B          TW877