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Friday, December 30, 2011

Dublin Movements, July 1976

This listing covers only part of the month, as I was away on holiday for a couple of weeks.  

The summer peak saw continued charter activity, many of these flights carrying students either from or to Ireland for educational and/or recreational purposes!  Where I have a note of flight numbers, I have included these.  With a lot fewer airfields in the counrty than there are now, several European general aviation visitors were to be seen visiting Dublin, which was a lot more GA-friendly in those days.

1 July
EC-CTR         DC-9-34         AO
G-BAVX         Herald             BMA
N448PA         B707-321C    Pan Am
OH-LSC         SE210            Finnair
OY-DMD        Rallye

2 July
F-BVRZ          Vanguard        EAS
F-BVUY          Vanguard        EAS
N778TW         B707-331B    TW
194                 DH104 Dove   Irish Air Corps (also on 18th)

17 July
D-ABDE         B737-230C    LH
EC-BIU           DC-9-32         IB
G-BAVJ          PA-31-350
HB-ICQ           SE210            SATA
LZ-BTF           Tu-154            Balkan

18 July
D-ABEK         B737-130       LH
EC-CBD        B727-256       IB
EI-BCA           Hiller UH-12E
G-ATPE         HS125
N18713          B707-331B    TW877
OY-KGN         DC-9-41         SK

21 July
CF-NOR         Gulfstream II   Noranda Mines
D-ECME        Beech V35 Bonanza
G-APEY         Viscount 806  BE
G-AXFE         King Air 90
N80MD          King Air 100
N90WT          Cessna 206D
N780TW        B707-331B TW877
OH-LSE         SE210            Finnair
OY-BUP         Cessna 340A
OY-SAK         SE210            Sterling
OY-TRY          PA-28R Arrow

23 July
F-BTOV        Vanguard         EY3120
G-AOYH        Viscount 806  BA
G-ARPP        Trident 1C       BE512/3
G-AVMX        BAC 1-11        BE518/7
G-AWBL        BAC 1-11        CS076/7
G-BAHW        Cessna 310
G-BBME        BAC 1-11         BA
G-BCZR         Viscount 838   BD902/3
N8737            B707-331B    TW877
SE-DBM        DC-9-41         SK537/8

24 July
D-ABQI           B727-230       LH074
D-EDEC        Cessna 206
EC-BQZ         DC-9-32         IB
G-AWZE        Trident 3B      BE517/8
HB-ICO           SE210            SATA (also on 31st)
N18707          B707-331B    TW877
N18712          B707-331B    TW8432
OY-APC         F27                  Maersk, c/s DM102

25 July
CF-CPJ          DC-8-43         CP821
D-ABEV         B737-130       LH076/7
OY-KGC         DC-9-41         SK

26 July
F-BTOV          V952               EAS
N3984            Beech 60 Duke
N8725T          B707-331B    TWA
N18711          B707-331B    TW877

27 July
9J-AEB          B707-351C    Zambia A/W
G-ATYW         Beagle 206
G-BJCB         HS125            JCB Ltd.

28 July
D-CDHS        Learjet 35A
D-IGAA           RC690A
D-IGSA           PA-31
G-BABW        King Air 90
G-BAXT         HS125
G-BCZR         Viscount 838  BMA
G-BDRC        Viscount 724   Intra / JY466
N18706          B707-331B    TWA
OY-SAH          SE210            Sterling
PH-GAD         PA-30-160
SE-DAO         DC-9-41         SAS
202                 Alouette III
206                 Cessna 172

29 July
EI-BBL            RC690A         Earl of Granard
F-BJTH           SE210            Air Charter c/s SF271 - and as it is today.
G-BBOR         Bell 206
G-BCGU        Jetstream I     Guinness Group
OE-DES         Cessna 210

31 July
EC-BYI           DC-9               IB
F-BXMF         Rallye
G-AWZW       Trident 3B      BE
G-AWZZ        Trident 3B      BE
LZ-BTE          Tu-154            Balkan
N881PA         B707-321B    PA1881
OY-APF          F27                 Maersk

Friday, December 23, 2011

Dublin Movements, June 1976

With the summer holiday season in full swing, charter flights were to be seen in some numbers.  DC-8s and 707s were the main equipment for the long-range operators and for Aviaco, which was almost the only Spanish charter carrier to be seen in Dublin during this period.  I remember the CP Air DC-8 on the 27th being delayed for several hours, but it was worth waiting for!  The carrier's orange, red and bare metal livery made for a striking sight.

Boeing 720 N1776Q was noteworthy, as it had been Aer Lingus's first jet, delivered in 1960 as EI-ALA.  The two Viscounts of Swedish operator Skyline were former British Midland examples.  SE-FOX returned to that carrier in 1978 but was withdrawn from use at East Midlands and eventually broken up.  SE-FOY also later returned to BMA and was restored as G-BAPF, in which guise it flew for many more years, including service with the garishly-marked Hot-Air.  It is believed to survive at the Home Office Fire and Emergency Service Training Centre at Moreton-in-Marsh.

1 June
SE-FND         PA-34-200 Seneca

2 June
F-BSUX         Learjet
G-ARWD       B707-465       British Airtours (KT270P)
N333PM         Cessna 340 (Riley conversion)
N730T            B720-027       Aeroamerica
SE-DAS         DC-9-41         SAS

5 June
EC-ARB         DC-8-52         AO
EC-BIL           DC-9-32         IB
HB-ICN           Caravelle        SATA
LZ-BTE           Tu-154            Balkan

6 June
C-GQBG        B707-123B    Quebecair

7 June
G-BCZR         Viscount         BMA

12 June
D-EDWB        Cessna 210
D-EGMC        Robin DR.400
EC-BIK           DC-9-32         IB
EI-BBT            F8L Falco
G-ASON         PA-30
HB-ICO           Caravelle        SATA
N18704          B707-331B    TW877
OH-PJU          PA-28R Arrow
OY-DLP          PA-31
PH-BOI           PA-34-200
TF-VLA          B720-025       Eagle Air

14 June
N423PA         B707-321B    PA
N730T            B720               Aeroamerica
PH-IND           King Air 90

15 June
G-AZLP          Viscount 813 BMA
N18711          B707-331B    TW877
YR-IMI             Il-18                 TAROM

19 June
D-ABKG         B727-230       LH
G-ARPW        Trident 1C      BE
HB-ICQ           Caravelle        SATA
N435PA         B707-321B    PA
N734T            B720               Aeroamerica
N774TW         B707-331B    TW877
N1620N          JetStar
PH-MAX         DC-9-32         Martinair
9J-ADZ           B737-248       Zambia

20 June
D-ABEL         B737-130       LH
F-BRNU         PA-23-250 Aztec
F-BVTX          PA-23-250 Aztec
N18703          B707-331B    TW877

25 June
G-APEP         V953F             BE
N778TW         B707-331B    TW877
N4907C         DC-8-63CF     Capitol

26 June
EC-ATP         DC-8-52         Aviaco
EC-BPG         DC-9-32         Iberia
G-ASDC        Carvair           BAF
G-AWZB        Trident 3B      BE
G-AWZG        Trident 3B      BE
HB-ICQ           SE210            SATA
N775TW         B707-331B    TW
SE-FOY          Viscount         Skyline

27 June
CF-CPL         DC-8-63PF     CP820
C-GQBG        B707-123B    Quebecair
EC-AUM        DC-8-52         Aviaco
G-AVEX         Druine Condor
LZ-BTL           Tu-154            Balkan
N8736            B707-331B    TW876/7
TF-VLA          B720               Eagle Air

28 June
211                 Alouette III
F-BVUY          Vanguard       EAS
G-BJCB         HS125
N496PA         B707-321B    PA1496

29 June
G-AZLS         Viscount 813 BMA
N491PA         B707-321B    PA1491
N8737            B707               TW877

30 June
D-IDOL           PA-23-250
EC-ARC         DC-8-52         Aviaco
G-AOJF          Viscount 802    BE
G-AOYS         Viscount 806    BE
G-ARPO         Trident 1C
N90WT           Cessna 206D
N1776Q          B720-048       Aeroamerica
OY-KGB          DC-9-41         SK
SE-FOX         Viscount         Skyline

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dublin Movements, May 1976

Not the most exciting of months, though my lack of records of interesting traffic may have been influenced by approaching exams!  Aeroamerica's assorted Boeing 720s, plus their sole BAC 1-11, provided the interest on the maintenance front.  N302AS was a former Alaska Airlines example acquired as a spares source, and Ralf Manteufel captured it arriving at Tempelhof some weeks later, on its final flight. Photo at THF

Eagle Air (Arnarflug) was a new operator and would last for several years.  TF-VLA was its first 720 and a pure-jet example which had last been operated by Air Viking, a short-lived Icelandic airline.

1 May
D-ABEA         B737-130       LH                  
EC-BYM         DC-9-32         IB                    
4 May                                                
D-IGSA           PA-31-350                
G-BAXL         HS.125                                  
7 May                                                
F-BSUR         Learjet 25                              
10 May                                              
F-BRUY          Gulfstream II              
18 May                                              
OY-DLM         MU-2                          
9J-AEB          B707-351C    Zambia                      
19 May                                              
SE-DAS         DC-9-41         SK                  
YR-IMH           Il-18     TAROM                     
YR-IMI             Il-18     TAROM                     
20 May                                              
N3GR             JetStar            (C/n 5127)                 
23 May                                              
EI-AYC          AA-5                           
EC-ATP         DC-8-52         Aviaco                       
EI-AWY         MU-2                          
EC-CBG        B727-256      IB                    
N731T            B720-027       Aeroamerica            
N779TW        B707-331B   TW877                      
TF-VLA          B720-025      Eagle Air            Photo
OY-KGN         DC-9-41        SK                  
25 May                                              
N5016           BAC 1-11       Aeroamerica            
27 May                      
EI-AMD          MS880B Rallye                    
D-EJBF          Robin                         
G-BBAT         Be.23 Musketeer                 
G-BBCC        PA-23-250                
G-BBLI           Rockwell 500                        
HB-LHP         Cessna 421B                       
N302AS         B720-062       Aeroamerica (for spares)
N731T            B720-027       Aeroamerica             Photo 
N18711          B707-331B    TW877                      
28 May                                              
N736T            B720-027       Aeroamerica

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dublin Movements, April 1976

It's interesting to note how dominant the HS125 was on the modest bizjet scene of the mid-1970s.  There was almost no other executive jet type on the UK Register at the time. The Italian example was visiting in connection with the Air Corps acquisition of SF260 training aircraft.  Some heavier Italian equipment appeared in the shape of two Alitalia DC-10s and a couple of visits by one of their 747s; these were operating charters to Rome for the Easter period. The Transair Canada 737 on the 14th was Aer Lingus's EI-ASH returning after a winter lease.  It would retain that carrier's garish yellow and brown livery for quite some time afterwards. EI-ASH photo  Also returning from lease was Boeing 747 EI-ASI, which had been leased to Air Siam as HS-VGB; this was one of the first major lease deals attributed to Tony Ryan, who later left Aer lingus to set up GPA.

Wren 460 EI-ARN, which I noted on 15 April, was operated by the Irish Parachute Club from Edenderry; this was a STOL conversion of the Cessna 182, with apparently excellent short-field performance. EI-ARN photo   Navajo G-OLLY was one of the first out-of-sequence UK registrations and by present-day standards was quite "non-PC", this jam company's logo being a golliwog! Golly!

Pan Am Boeing 707 N404PA was a common enough sight.  It has enjoyed a long life post- its airline service, having been converted into an avionics/EW testbed for the US military, as seen here: N404PA  It is still active and was monitored flying over Eastern Europe as recently as 23 August 2011.  A related type, the Boeing VC-135B, also appeared in Dublin in April 1976.  So valuable are these airframes to the USAF that after its retirement from VIP duties it was reborn as an TC-135W crew trainer for the USAF RC-135 fleet.
As it was then: VC-135B And as it is now: TC-135W

1 April
N780TW         B707-331B                  TWA

2 April
G-ATIG           Herald                          BMA
G-AVGP          BAC-1-11-400            BE
I-GJBO            HS125                         to Baldonnel Photo
OO-VGM        B720-022                    (air-test) Photo

3 April
D-ABET          B737-130                    LH
N100Y            Sabreliner                     Purolator

4 April
D-ABEU          B737-130                    LH
EC-CBG          B727-256                    IB
G-AVMX         BAC-1-11                   BE
N775TW         B707-331B                  TW

5 April
G-AVOE         BAC 1-11                    BE
G-BBGU         Jetstream 1                   Guinness

9 April
D-IABC           Citation
N733T             B720                            Aeroamerica
N1155T           Beech 60 Duke
N31088           Citation
OY-KGI          DC-9-41                      SAS
PH-ILF            Falcon 20                     Philips NV

10 April
D-ABES          B737-130                    LH078
G-BARD         Cessna 337
I-GJBO            HS.125
9J-AEB            B707-351C                 Zambia A/W

14 April
C-GTAR          B737-248                    Transair Canada
EI-BBR            BN-2A                        Aer Arann
G-AOHV         V802                           BA
G-ASSI            HS.125
G-ATHA          PA-23 Apache
G-AYLG          HS.125
G-BACF          Cessna 337

15 April
C-GGYV         Learjet
EI-ARN           Wren 460
F-BRUY          Gulfstream II                Aga Khan
I-DYNU          DC-10-30                    Alitalia
N8738             B707-331B                  TW
N57294           RC690A
N64696           B720-022                    (ex-OO-VGM)

16 April
EI-AWA          Bell 206
G-AOYN        V806                           BA
G-AVGP         BAC 1-11                    BA
G-AXYC         PA-31
I-DEMO          B747-243B                  AZ (also on 20th)
SE-DAX          DC-9-41                      SK

19 April
I-DYNI            DC-10-30                    Alitalia

20 April
G-AOHM        V802                           BA
HS-VGB          B747-148                    Air Siam
PH-LPS           Falcon 20                     Philips NV

21 April
62-4129           VC-135B                     USAF/89th MAW

25 April
58-6971           VC-137B                     USAF/89th MAW
D-CDHS         Learjet
EC-CBL          B727-256                    Iberia
G-AWUF        HS.125
N720G            G159 Gulfstream          IBM Europe

26 April
D-ECOP         Cessna 172
D-ICKA          Cessna 414
G-ASVO         Herald                          BMA
G-AWZS         Trident 3B                    BA
G-OLLY          PA-31-350                  Robertson Foods

28 April
N404PA          B707-321B                  Pan Am

29 April
OY-APM        HS125                         AP Moller

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Dublin Movements, March 1976

The month saw my first sighting of BAF's bare-metal Carvair G-ASDC, named "Plain Jane". Photo This was quite a novel look for a European cargo operator. I have a clear recollection of it landing on runway 17 on a typically dull St. Patrick's Day.  The National Day probably also accounted for the visit of ONA DC-8 N868F, in that carrier's elegant livery. Photo of N868F  The Egyptair 737 on the 31st was actually Aer Lingus's EI-ASB returning from a winter lease. It would be leased out again the following winter, to Brazilian carrier VASP.

2 March
F-BPRE           King Air 90
G-APEJ           V953F             BE3332
G-AWZV        Trident 3B        BE
G-AZWW       PA-23-250
214                  Alouette III

7 March
D-ABIW          B727-30          LH
G-BBAH         L-1011-1         BE
N28726           B707-331B      TWA

12 March
C-FTJU           DC-8-61          AC
G-BABW        King Air 90
LN-RLU          DC-9-41          SK
N868F             DC-8-61CF     Overseas National

14 March
D-ABEF          B737-130        LH
EC-CFF          B727-256        IB
G-ASAZ          Hiller UH-12E
G-BCCE          PA-23-250
SE-DAW         DC-9-41          SK541

17 March
EI-AND           Cessna 175
EI-AVE           PA-18-95 Super Cub
EI-AYA           Rallye
G-ASDC         Carvair   BAF
G-AVZZ          B707-138B      Laker
OY-KGB         DC-9-41          SK

21 March
G-AVAI          HS125
G-BCYC         Trislander         Loganair
OY-TRY         PA-28R

26 March
N99GA            Gulfstream II

31 March
SU-AYX         B737-248        Egyptair

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dublin Movements, February 1976

A typically quiet winter month.  The SABENA 737 was on a one-off charter; the carrier's scheduled service to Dublin would not start for another year or two.  TWA 707 N775TW on the 8th was the first one I had seen in the carrier's bold new livery.

1 February
EC-CFJ           B727-256                    Iberia
OY-KGL         DC-9-41                      SAS
D-ABBE          B737-230C                 LH

6 February
F-BTOV         V952 Vanguard            EAS
G-AVPN         Herald BIA

7 February
D-ABHE          B737-230C                 LH

8 February
D-ABKA         B727-230                    LH
G-ARPN         Trident 1C                    BA
N775TW         B707-331B                  TW877 N775TW in new TWA livery
OO-SDE         B727-229                    SABENA

29 February
C-GGYV         Learjet
D-ABEM         B737-130                    Lufthansa
EC-CFE          B727-256                    Iberia
G-ARPP          Trident 1C                    BA
G-AVYZ         BAC 1-11-300            Laker
N28714           B707-331B                  TW877
SE-DAX          DC-9-41                      SK

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dublin Movements, January 1976

Another winter month with just a few highlights to note.  The appearance of two BA Super VC-10s on training sorties was particularly welcome.  If my recollection is correct, on the 25th both Gulf Air and BA VC10s were in the runway 24 circuit simultaneously – truly a wonderful sight!

3 January
G-BBAH         L-1011                        BA

4 January
G-BBAF         L-1011                        BA

8 January
196                 Alouette III                   Irish Air Corps
PH-TVD         B737-2K2C               Transavia

11 January
OO-SKJ         HS125

12 January
216                 CM170 Magister
G-AOYH         V806                           BA
G-AZLR          V813                          BMA
SE-GKL         Cessna 414               Kranlyft

14 January
G-ASGH        V1151 Super VC10  BA
OY-KGK         DC-9-41                     SAS

23 January
EC-CGR        DC-9-32                     Aviaco

25 January
A4O-VI           VC10                          Gulf Air
D-ABKG         B727-230                   Lufthansa
EC-CFA         B727-256                   Iberia
EI-AWD          PA-22 Tri-Pacer
G-ASGG        V1151 Super VC10  BA
G-AXPU         HS125

30 January
D-IABC           Citation 500               ABS Pumpenfabrik
G-ASNG         DH104 Dove    (At Cork in 1983)
I-PRLL            AC680
SE-DBM        DC-9-41                     SAS