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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dublin Movements, January 1976

Another winter month with just a few highlights to note.  The appearance of two BA Super VC-10s on training sorties was particularly welcome.  If my recollection is correct, on the 25th both Gulf Air and BA VC10s were in the runway 24 circuit simultaneously – truly a wonderful sight!

3 January
G-BBAH         L-1011                        BA

4 January
G-BBAF         L-1011                        BA

8 January
196                 Alouette III                   Irish Air Corps
PH-TVD         B737-2K2C               Transavia

11 January
OO-SKJ         HS125

12 January
216                 CM170 Magister
G-AOYH         V806                           BA
G-AZLR          V813                          BMA
SE-GKL         Cessna 414               Kranlyft

14 January
G-ASGH        V1151 Super VC10  BA
OY-KGK         DC-9-41                     SAS

23 January
EC-CGR        DC-9-32                     Aviaco

25 January
A4O-VI           VC10                          Gulf Air
D-ABKG         B727-230                   Lufthansa
EC-CFA         B727-256                   Iberia
EI-AWD          PA-22 Tri-Pacer
G-ASGG        V1151 Super VC10  BA
G-AXPU         HS125

30 January
D-IABC           Citation 500               ABS Pumpenfabrik
G-ASNG         DH104 Dove    (At Cork in 1983)
I-PRLL            AC680
SE-DBM        DC-9-41                     SAS

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dublin movements, December 1975

Not too much of great note this month, though there were a few non-standard visitors, particularly around Christmas time.  The TAROM Il-18s were most likely carrying ships’ crews. Aero 145 G-ATBH was a regular visitor and a smart example of this sleek Czechoslovak-built taildragger.

1 December
EI-ASH           Boeing 727-248        Aer Lingus – noted crew-training in this garish livery which it sported for quite a while after lease to Transair Canada 
SE-DBT         DC-9-41                     SAS

5 December
N780TW         B707-331B                TWA

6 December
D-ABES         B737-130                   Lufthansa

7 December
EI-ANG           BAC 1-11                   Aer Lingus – first noted in the new “green roof” livery it would wear for the rest of its career in Ireland 1-11 New livery
N8735            B707-331B                TWA
OY-KGP         DC-9-41                     SAS
YR-IMD           Il-18                             TAROM
YR-IMF           Il-18                             TAROM

13 December
G-AVBX         BAC1-11                    Laker

18 December
G-BBAG         L-1011                        BA – flight BE529

21 December
D-ABKJ          B727-230                   Lufthansa
EC-CAI           B727-256                   Iberia
EI-BBL            RC690A                     Earl of Granard (based Toussus-le-Noble, France)
G-BBAF         L-1011                        BA
N18702          B707-331B                TW
N18709          B707-331B                TW
SE-DBU         DC-9-41                     SAS

22 December
G-APWF        Herald                        BIA
G-AYVS         Comet 4C                  Dan-Air G-AYVS
N887PA         B707-321B                Pan Am

23 December
G-AOYP         Viscount 806             BA
G-AOYR         Viscount 806             BA
G-APZM         Comet 4C                  Dan-Air
G-ARPR         Trident 1C                 BA (also G-ARPK/G-AVFC/G-AVFE)
G-BBSU         Cessna 421B
N8737            B707-331B                TWA

24 December
178                 Provost
G-ATBH         Aero 145                    S Brod   "Golf Alfa Tango Bravo Hotel"
G-AWZV        Trident 3B                  BA
G-BBAI           L-1011                        BA
OY-KGM         DC-9-41                     SAS
SE-DBM        DC-9-41                     SAS

Dublin movements, November 1975

My records for this month are fairly thin, probably due to the shorter days at this time of the year,as well as my not recording routine traffic.  VC10 “Speedbird Victor Mike” was a well-known sight at Irish and British airports, as it was dedicated almost full-time to crew-training.  This was the last Standard VC10 in the company’s fleet.

1 November
EI-BBH           Britannia 253F Aer Turas

2 November (Dublin Port)
12417              CH-124 Sea King        on board HMCS Fraser
12438              CH-124 Sea King        on board HMCS Nipigon

9 November
G-ARVM        VC10                           BA – circuit training, in this hybrid livery, I think Photo

16 November
D-ABKF         B727-230                    Lufthansa
EC-CBD         B727-256                    Iberia

17 November
178                  Provost                        Irish Air Corps
G-BARW        Cessna 402B

18 November
N94                 ET-29C                       FAA

22 November
215                  Magister                       IAC

23 November
D-ABHI           B727-230                    Lufthansa
EC-CBM        B727-256                    Iberia
N399CB         Gulfstream II
OO-TEA         B720-025                    TEA
OO-VGM        B720-022                    Delta Air Transport

25 November
G-APEK          V953F                         BA

30 November
D-ABLI           B727-230                    Lufthansa
EC-CFJ          B727-256 Iberia
N8733             B707-331B                  TW877
SE-DAO          DC-9-41                      SAS