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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Dublin Movements, February 1976

A typically quiet winter month.  The SABENA 737 was on a one-off charter; the carrier's scheduled service to Dublin would not start for another year or two.  TWA 707 N775TW on the 8th was the first one I had seen in the carrier's bold new livery.

1 February
EC-CFJ           B727-256                    Iberia
OY-KGL         DC-9-41                      SAS
D-ABBE          B737-230C                 LH

6 February
F-BTOV         V952 Vanguard            EAS
G-AVPN         Herald BIA

7 February
D-ABHE          B737-230C                 LH

8 February
D-ABKA         B727-230                    LH
G-ARPN         Trident 1C                    BA
N775TW         B707-331B                  TW877 N775TW in new TWA livery
OO-SDE         B727-229                    SABENA

29 February
C-GGYV         Learjet
D-ABEM         B737-130                    Lufthansa
EC-CFE          B727-256                    Iberia
G-ARPP          Trident 1C                    BA
G-AVYZ         BAC 1-11-300            Laker
N28714           B707-331B                  TW877
SE-DAX          DC-9-41                      SK