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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dublin Movements, August 1976

A month of substantial activity, with summer charters at their peak.  Maersk Air operated a short series with F27s.  There were a number of Shannon diversions, I think because of disruption of the fuellers' service there.  The CAF CC130 was a rarity for Dublin at the time, as was the Southern Air machine, though both were very regular sights at SNN.  Much more exotic was the Imperial Iranian Air Force Hercules, on a horse transport flight.  Also of note was the World Airways 747, making the first visit of a 747 for that carrier and the first appearance at Dublin of the convertible 747-200C variant.

1 August
D-ABIW                B727-30
EC-ATP                 DC-8-52               AO
EC-CFA                 B727                    IB           
N493PA                B707-321B           PA
SE-DBM                DC-9                    SK

3 August
G-BAOO               Cessna 421B
G-BAVY                Aztec 250
G-BBOM              Aztec 250
N93                        ET-29C                  FAA
9J-ADY                  B707                      Zambia Airways

4 August
G-APEY                V806                    NS341/2
G-ARPK               Trident 1C             BE512/3
G-ASVO               Herald                    BD902/3
G-BDEA                B707                      BCAL
N404PA                 B707                      PA
N903CL                 DC-8-32                Capitol

5 August
G-APBD                PA-23 Apache
G-ASKK               Herald                  BIA
G-AWZP               Trident 3B             BE
G-AZNC                Viscount              BD
N867F                    DC-8-61CF       Overseas National
N18708                  B707                  TWA
N28726                  B707                  TWA
OY-SAK                 Caravelle             Sterling

6 August
F-BVUY                Vanguard            EAS
F-OCLR                 Cessna 185
G-APEG                 V953F                    BE
G-ARPP                 Trident                 BE512/3
G-BBDO                Aztec 250
G-BCZR                 Viscount              BD
LN-RLC                  DC-9                      SK
N773TW                  B707                      TW876/7
N28728                    B707                      TW8167

7 August
D-ABEH                B737-130              LH076/7
EC-BPG                 DC-9-32                IB
EI-ANV                 B707                      Aer Lingus (test flight)
G-ARPR                Trident                 BE
G-BAHW              Cessna 310
HB-ICO                 Caravelle             SATA op. VS204/5
OY-APA                F27                         Maersk Air

11 August
C-FTJR                   DC-8-61                AC
G-AOYL                V806
LN-RLT                  DC-9                      SK
N825AC                BAC 1-11
N18713                 B707                      TW
YR-IMC                Ilyushin 18           RO7999

13 August
211                         Alouette III
217                         CM170 Magister
F-BXOG                V952                      EY
G-APEK                V953F                    BE          
G-AWDG               B707-138B           Laker
G-AZNB                Viscount              BD
G-BBEE                  Learjet 25B
LX-LGV                 B707-348C           Luxair
N101AW                JetStar 8
N424PA                 B707                      PA
SE-DBM                DC-9                      SK

14 August
D-ABFE                 B737-230C           LH
HB-ICK                 Caravelle             SATA op. VS204/5
LZ-BTK                 Tu-154                  Balkan
OY-APF                 F27                         Maersk

16 August
CN-RMC               B707-351C           Royal Air Maroc
N774TW                B707                      TW
N18709                  B707                      TW

17 August
130329                  CC-130E                CAF
G-ASSA                PA-30 Twin Comanche
G-BCGU               HP137 Jetstream
LN-MAM             CV-440                  Nor-Fly A/S
N8737                   B707                      TW
N28728                 B707                      TW

18 August
N9232R                L-100 Hercules   Southern Air

19 August
G-ATPU                Cessna 337A
G-AWRO              Beagle 206
N884PA                B707                      PA
N28727                 B707                      TW

20 August
D-IABC                  Citation
F-BTOV                 V952                 EAS
G-AVJB                 Viscount              BD
G-BDUN               PA-34
PH-HBG                Fuji FA200

25 August
EC-CTT                 DC-9-34                AO
G-AVVI                 PA-30-160
G-AVXK                HS125
N904CL                 DC-8                      Capitol

26 August
5-134                     C-130H IIAF
C-FTJL                   DC-8-54F              AC091
EC-CGP                 DC-9-32                AO
EI-BBB                  AC112
G-BAVE                Beech 100
N869F                   DC-8-61CF           ONA
OH-LSE                 SE210                    Finnair

27 August
F-BJTG                  SE210                    Air Charter
F-BXAJ                  V952                      EAS
N8766                    DC-8-61                Capitol

28 August
D-ABFE                 B737-230C           LH
G-AZVS                HS125
LZ-BTE                  Tu-154                  Balkan

29 August
N15BH Learjet

31 August
N731T                   B720                      Aeroamerica
N748WA               B747-273C           World
N869F                   DC-8-61CF           ONA
N904CL                 DC-8-33                Capitol
N1776Q                B720                      Aeroamerica
N8730                   B707                      TWA
PH-TVA                B707-123B           Transavia