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Friday, December 23, 2011

Dublin Movements, June 1976

With the summer holiday season in full swing, charter flights were to be seen in some numbers.  DC-8s and 707s were the main equipment for the long-range operators and for Aviaco, which was almost the only Spanish charter carrier to be seen in Dublin during this period.  I remember the CP Air DC-8 on the 27th being delayed for several hours, but it was worth waiting for!  The carrier's orange, red and bare metal livery made for a striking sight.

Boeing 720 N1776Q was noteworthy, as it had been Aer Lingus's first jet, delivered in 1960 as EI-ALA.  The two Viscounts of Swedish operator Skyline were former British Midland examples.  SE-FOX returned to that carrier in 1978 but was withdrawn from use at East Midlands and eventually broken up.  SE-FOY also later returned to BMA and was restored as G-BAPF, in which guise it flew for many more years, including service with the garishly-marked Hot-Air.  It is believed to survive at the Home Office Fire and Emergency Service Training Centre at Moreton-in-Marsh.

1 June
SE-FND         PA-34-200 Seneca

2 June
F-BSUX         Learjet
G-ARWD       B707-465       British Airtours (KT270P)
N333PM         Cessna 340 (Riley conversion)
N730T            B720-027       Aeroamerica
SE-DAS         DC-9-41         SAS

5 June
EC-ARB         DC-8-52         AO
EC-BIL           DC-9-32         IB
HB-ICN           Caravelle        SATA
LZ-BTE           Tu-154            Balkan

6 June
C-GQBG        B707-123B    Quebecair

7 June
G-BCZR         Viscount         BMA

12 June
D-EDWB        Cessna 210
D-EGMC        Robin DR.400
EC-BIK           DC-9-32         IB
EI-BBT            F8L Falco
G-ASON         PA-30
HB-ICO           Caravelle        SATA
N18704          B707-331B    TW877
OH-PJU          PA-28R Arrow
OY-DLP          PA-31
PH-BOI           PA-34-200
TF-VLA          B720-025       Eagle Air

14 June
N423PA         B707-321B    PA
N730T            B720               Aeroamerica
PH-IND           King Air 90

15 June
G-AZLP          Viscount 813 BMA
N18711          B707-331B    TW877
YR-IMI             Il-18                 TAROM

19 June
D-ABKG         B727-230       LH
G-ARPW        Trident 1C      BE
HB-ICQ           Caravelle        SATA
N435PA         B707-321B    PA
N734T            B720               Aeroamerica
N774TW         B707-331B    TW877
N1620N          JetStar
PH-MAX         DC-9-32         Martinair
9J-ADZ           B737-248       Zambia

20 June
D-ABEL         B737-130       LH
F-BRNU         PA-23-250 Aztec
F-BVTX          PA-23-250 Aztec
N18703          B707-331B    TW877

25 June
G-APEP         V953F             BE
N778TW         B707-331B    TW877
N4907C         DC-8-63CF     Capitol

26 June
EC-ATP         DC-8-52         Aviaco
EC-BPG         DC-9-32         Iberia
G-ASDC        Carvair           BAF
G-AWZB        Trident 3B      BE
G-AWZG        Trident 3B      BE
HB-ICQ           SE210            SATA
N775TW         B707-331B    TW
SE-FOY          Viscount         Skyline

27 June
CF-CPL         DC-8-63PF     CP820
C-GQBG        B707-123B    Quebecair
EC-AUM        DC-8-52         Aviaco
G-AVEX         Druine Condor
LZ-BTL           Tu-154            Balkan
N8736            B707-331B    TW876/7
TF-VLA          B720               Eagle Air

28 June
211                 Alouette III
F-BVUY          Vanguard       EAS
G-BJCB         HS125
N496PA         B707-321B    PA1496

29 June
G-AZLS         Viscount 813 BMA
N491PA         B707-321B    PA1491
N8737            B707               TW877

30 June
D-IDOL           PA-23-250
EC-ARC         DC-8-52         Aviaco
G-AOJF          Viscount 802    BE
G-AOYS         Viscount 806    BE
G-ARPO         Trident 1C
N90WT           Cessna 206D
N1776Q          B720-048       Aeroamerica
OY-KGB          DC-9-41         SK
SE-FOX         Viscount         Skyline

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