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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dublin Movements, May 1976

Not the most exciting of months, though my lack of records of interesting traffic may have been influenced by approaching exams!  Aeroamerica's assorted Boeing 720s, plus their sole BAC 1-11, provided the interest on the maintenance front.  N302AS was a former Alaska Airlines example acquired as a spares source, and Ralf Manteufel captured it arriving at Tempelhof some weeks later, on its final flight. Photo at THF

Eagle Air (Arnarflug) was a new operator and would last for several years.  TF-VLA was its first 720 and a pure-jet example which had last been operated by Air Viking, a short-lived Icelandic airline.

1 May
D-ABEA         B737-130       LH                  
EC-BYM         DC-9-32         IB                    
4 May                                                
D-IGSA           PA-31-350                
G-BAXL         HS.125                                  
7 May                                                
F-BSUR         Learjet 25                              
10 May                                              
F-BRUY          Gulfstream II              
18 May                                              
OY-DLM         MU-2                          
9J-AEB          B707-351C    Zambia                      
19 May                                              
SE-DAS         DC-9-41         SK                  
YR-IMH           Il-18     TAROM                     
YR-IMI             Il-18     TAROM                     
20 May                                              
N3GR             JetStar            (C/n 5127)                 
23 May                                              
EI-AYC          AA-5                           
EC-ATP         DC-8-52         Aviaco                       
EI-AWY         MU-2                          
EC-CBG        B727-256      IB                    
N731T            B720-027       Aeroamerica            
N779TW        B707-331B   TW877                      
TF-VLA          B720-025      Eagle Air            Photo
OY-KGN         DC-9-41        SK                  
25 May                                              
N5016           BAC 1-11       Aeroamerica            
27 May                      
EI-AMD          MS880B Rallye                    
D-EJBF          Robin                         
G-BBAT         Be.23 Musketeer                 
G-BBCC        PA-23-250                
G-BBLI           Rockwell 500                        
HB-LHP         Cessna 421B                       
N302AS         B720-062       Aeroamerica (for spares)
N731T            B720-027       Aeroamerica             Photo 
N18711          B707-331B    TW877                      
28 May                                              
N736T            B720-027       Aeroamerica

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