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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Dublin Movements, May 1977

Star items this month were the trio  of ex-French Air Force Douglas Skyraiders, making a quick refuelling stop on the way to the USA.  They made a stream takeoff from runway 06, climbing to flight level 95 (9,500 ft.) towards the FIR boundary at Greenore, thence to 60N 10W.  These were part of a batch of ten bought by businessman Jack Spanich, five of which were ferried to the USA in 1977 while the remainder were sold to other buyers while still in France. Sadly Mr Spanich was killed in the crash of one of the aircraft in 1984.

A maintenance visitor of note was the Bahamasair 1-11, making a fairly long trip for a check with Aer Lingus. Boeing 737 EI-ASB returned to Aer Lingus service after a lease to VASP (as PP-SRX), wearing a hybrid livery.

Brand new Short 330 N52DD was painted by Aer Lingus for US feeder airline Command Airways.

1 May
C6-BDJ                 BAC 1-11                          Bahamasair
D-ABIU                 Boeing 727-30                    LH076/7
G-BAHW              Cessna 310
LN-RLT                 DC-9                                   SAS

2 May
F-OCUY               DC-3                                   (survey duties)
G-AWNT              BN-2A                                 (survey duties)
G-BBEE                Learjet 25B                           to EGKK
G-BBNH               PA-34
N52DD                 Short 330                             c/s Short 6

4 May
D-INCI                  Cessna 500                          Nixdorf Computers
EI-BAA                  Britannia 307F                      Aer Turas
G-ASXV                Queen Air
N55CJ                  Cessna 500                          Cessna Corp.
OY-APM                HS125                                  Maersk Air
SE-DBW                DC-9                                    SAS

5 May
EI-ASB                   Boeing 737                          Aer Lingus
EI-AUI                   Alouette II                            Irish Helicopters
G-ARKJ                 Beech 35 Bonanza

6 May
G-APET                 V953C                                   BE3335

7 May
D-IABC                  Cessna 500                          ABS Pumpenfabrik
EC-ARB                 DC-8-52                                AO1712/3
EC-ARC                DC-8-52                                AO1132/3
D-ABEM                Boeing 737-130                 LH076/7
G-ALZG                Miles Gemini
G-ASGG                V.1151 VC10                       BA (circuits)
TF-VLA                  Boeing 720-025                 Eagle Air c/s VL614

8 May
D-ABEQ                Boeing 737-130                 LH076/7
EI-BCW                 MS880B
OE-FKH                Cessna 414
9J-ADY                  Boeing 707                          Zambia A/W c/s QZ8046

10 May
PH-CTC                 Cessna 500                          RLS

14 May
D-ABCE                 Boeing 737-230C               LH
F-BPFZ                  PA-23-250
G-ATPE                  HS125

15 May
D-ILOW                Cessna 401B
EC-CIE                   Boeing 727-256                 Iberia
G-AWRM               Beagle 206
SE-EZU                  PA-28-140

16 May
115                      N2501 Noratlas                 FM0377
G-AVTK                PA-32
G-AWMS             HS125                                Rio Tinto Zinc

18 May
5N-AND               Boeing 737                          Nigeria A/W (dep. 19/5 as WT737)
F-BVPR                Falcon 10
G-ASZJ                 Skyvan                                c/s Short 1 (crew ferry)
G-AZLT                Viscount                              BMA
N52DD                 Short 330                             c/s Short4 (departed)
N8737                   Boeing 707                          TW877
201                        Dove                                     Irish Air Corps (approach only)
207                        Cessna 172                          Irish Air Corps

20 May
EI-BAW                 PA-23 Apache
EI-BCY                   King Air 200

21 May
C-GQBG              Boeing 707-123B               QB955
EI-ASI                  Boeing 747                          (circuits)
EI-BAA                Britannia                              (circuits)
N99GA                 Gulfstream II
N760TW               Boeing 707-331B               TW877
OO-RPA               Cessna F172G

23 May
D-IHSO                 PA-31T
G-ATYW               Beagle 206
N65                        Sabreliner                           FAA

24 May
G-ASDC              Carvair                                  BAF
G-AWMS             HS125

26 May
D-EEFR                Cessna 172
D-IOGA                Learjet 24B
EI-AVN                 Hughes 500
N91954                 A-1D Skyraider                   c/s Univair 711
N92034                 A-1D Skyraider 
N92053                 A-1D Skyraider 

28 May
C-FPWV               Boeing 707-138B                Pacific Western c/s PW658

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