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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dublin Movements, April 1977

Air Malta's first jet equipment was a pair of Boeing 720Bs leased from Pakistan International and these commenced a weekly charter series, still with Pakistani registrations until they were purchased by Air Malta a few years later. Aviaco's favoured equipment on its Dublin charter flights was the DC-8 series 50, several of which the company had inherited from Iberia.  

The two former French Skyraiders which had arrived in March took to the air again on the 4th on the next leg of their flight to the USA, departing one after the other in noisy fashion from runway 35, destination Reykjavik.  Two French-operated aircraft arrived to be based for survey duties; one was the IGN's brand-new Super King Air F-GALP, while a lot more interesting was DC-3 F-OCUY of Hemet Exploration.  The latter was to be lost four years later when it disappeared south of Mallorca on 21 April 1981 with the loss of the four persons on board.  By then it was registered as F-BJBO.  Also hailing from France was naval C-47 serial 726, in the usual silver and dayglo finish worn by these machines.  It too was to be lost in an accident, though a non-fatal one, when as EC-EQH it veered off the runway at Palma de Mallorca on 4 January 1991. Other piston-powered movements of note were the departure to Southend of Aer Turas's last C-54, EI-ARS, and a visit by Nor-Fly CV440 LN-MAP.

Two aircraft passed through en route to Baldonnel for demonstration to the Air Crops. These were Britten-Norman Defender G-BCMY and Cessna Titan N5432G.  No orders resulted.

1 April
EI-AVG                 Beech Baron
G-BBEE               Learjet 25B
G-BBXE               PA-23-250
LN-RLD                DC-9-41                                SK537

2 April 
EC-ARB               DC-8-52                                Aviaco op. AO1713 
N9040V                Beech A60 Duke

3 April
AP-AMG              B720B                                    Air Malta
EC-CAK               B727                                      IB741/2
G-BATA                HS125
G-BAWV              PA-23-250
SE-DAT                DC-9                                      SK537/8
SE-FNF                Beech 95 Travel Air
4 April
N91935                 A-1D Skyraider                  dep. to Reykjavik
N91945                 A-1D Skyraider                  dep. to Reykjavik
F-GALP               Beech 200                           IGN
G-AWUF              HS125
G-BAPG               V814                                   BD902/3
N1720                  Cessna 310
PH-HBG               Fuji 200
PH-MVT               Cessna 210
208                       Cessna 172                          Irish Air Corps

5 April
EI-AYN                  BN-2A                                   RE117/8
EI-BCE                  BN-2A
F-BSQU                Falcon 10
F-BTML                 Falcon 20
G-ATID                  Cessna 337
G-BBYA                Dove
G-BCGU               Jetstream 200
N5432G                Cessna  404
N8735                   B707                                      TW877
222                        SF260                                    Irish Air Corps

6 April
F-BSUX               Learjet 23
F-BTML                Falcon 20
G-AVXL                 HS125
G-AZLP                V814                                      BMA
G-BBCL                HS125-600B
SE-DAR                DC-9-41                                SK537

7 April
G-AWWL             HS125
G-BCXR              BAC 1-11                              OM624/8624
N18706                B707                                     TW877

8 April
EI-BBL                   RC690                                  Earl of Granard
G-AWRO              Beagle 206

9 April
EC-ASN                 DC-8                                      AO1133
EI-BCW                 Rallye
HB-CEM               Cessna 172
HB-OHG               PA-28R
HB-OKK               PA-28R

11 April 
G-BBOJ                 PA-23-250
HB-LFN                 PA-23-250

12 April
G-AWZF               Trident 3B                           BE518/9
F-BLEU                Beech 50
LN-MAP               Convair 440                         Nor-Fly
SE-DDE               Cessna 500 Citation

13 April
HB-VDA               Cessna 500 Citation
OO-TEH               B737                                   TEA op. HE1634

17 April
AP-AMJ                B720B                                    KMC750/1
D-ABEY                B737                                      LH
EI-ARS                 C-54E                                    Aer Turas (departed after sale)
F-OCUY               DC-3 (C-53)                           Hémet Exploration
G-AVEC               Cessna 172
OY-KGB               DC-9                                      SK

18 April
N121WT               Falcon 20                             IBM
N887PA                B707                                      PA

20 April
G-BCNT               P68B
OY-KGH               DC-9                                      SAS

23 April
EC-ARB               DC-8                                      Aviaco
EC-AUM               DC-8                                      Aviaco

24 April
D-ABFI                 B727-230                              LH
G-AVHJ                Wassmer WA.41
G-BCMY               BN-2A Defender
SE-DBT                DC-9                                      SAS
SP-LSI                  Il-18                                       LOT

25 April
G-ASDC               Carvair                                  BAF
G-AYNR               HS125-400B
G-AZVS                HS125
N94                       ET-29C                                  FAA
726                        C-47B                                    French Navy c/s FYDQH

26 April
N781FT                 DC-8-63F                              Flying Tigers

27 April
F-BRSU                Cessna 177
N80MD                 Beech 100
PH-TVA                 B707-123B                           Transavia dep. as HV998
SE-GRR                Beech 200                           Irish Air Corps, c/s 232B

28 April
OE-FPW               PA-31
OO-TEB                Boeing 720-048                 HE721 (dep.)

29 April
LN-RLK                 DC-9                                      SAS
N100WK               Gulfstream II

30 April
D-ABER                B737-130                              LH
EC-ARC                DC-8                                      AO1712/3
EC-ATP                 DC-8                                      AO1132/3
G-BCDC                PA-18-95 Super Cub

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