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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dublin movements, November 1975

My records for this month are fairly thin, probably due to the shorter days at this time of the year,as well as my not recording routine traffic.  VC10 “Speedbird Victor Mike” was a well-known sight at Irish and British airports, as it was dedicated almost full-time to crew-training.  This was the last Standard VC10 in the company’s fleet.

1 November
EI-BBH           Britannia 253F Aer Turas

2 November (Dublin Port)
12417              CH-124 Sea King        on board HMCS Fraser
12438              CH-124 Sea King        on board HMCS Nipigon

9 November
G-ARVM        VC10                           BA – circuit training, in this hybrid livery, I think Photo

16 November
D-ABKF         B727-230                    Lufthansa
EC-CBD         B727-256                    Iberia

17 November
178                  Provost                        Irish Air Corps
G-BARW        Cessna 402B

18 November
N94                 ET-29C                       FAA

22 November
215                  Magister                       IAC

23 November
D-ABHI           B727-230                    Lufthansa
EC-CBM        B727-256                    Iberia
N399CB         Gulfstream II
OO-TEA         B720-025                    TEA
OO-VGM        B720-022                    Delta Air Transport

25 November
G-APEK          V953F                         BA

30 November
D-ABLI           B727-230                    Lufthansa
EC-CFJ          B727-256 Iberia
N8733             B707-331B                  TW877
SE-DAO          DC-9-41                      SAS

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