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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dublin movements, December 1975

Not too much of great note this month, though there were a few non-standard visitors, particularly around Christmas time.  The TAROM Il-18s were most likely carrying ships’ crews. Aero 145 G-ATBH was a regular visitor and a smart example of this sleek Czechoslovak-built taildragger.

1 December
EI-ASH           Boeing 727-248        Aer Lingus – noted crew-training in this garish livery which it sported for quite a while after lease to Transair Canada 
SE-DBT         DC-9-41                     SAS

5 December
N780TW         B707-331B                TWA

6 December
D-ABES         B737-130                   Lufthansa

7 December
EI-ANG           BAC 1-11                   Aer Lingus – first noted in the new “green roof” livery it would wear for the rest of its career in Ireland 1-11 New livery
N8735            B707-331B                TWA
OY-KGP         DC-9-41                     SAS
YR-IMD           Il-18                             TAROM
YR-IMF           Il-18                             TAROM

13 December
G-AVBX         BAC1-11                    Laker

18 December
G-BBAG         L-1011                        BA – flight BE529

21 December
D-ABKJ          B727-230                   Lufthansa
EC-CAI           B727-256                   Iberia
EI-BBL            RC690A                     Earl of Granard (based Toussus-le-Noble, France)
G-BBAF         L-1011                        BA
N18702          B707-331B                TW
N18709          B707-331B                TW
SE-DBU         DC-9-41                     SAS

22 December
G-APWF        Herald                        BIA
G-AYVS         Comet 4C                  Dan-Air G-AYVS
N887PA         B707-321B                Pan Am

23 December
G-AOYP         Viscount 806             BA
G-AOYR         Viscount 806             BA
G-APZM         Comet 4C                  Dan-Air
G-ARPR         Trident 1C                 BA (also G-ARPK/G-AVFC/G-AVFE)
G-BBSU         Cessna 421B
N8737            B707-331B                TWA

24 December
178                 Provost
G-ATBH         Aero 145                    S Brod   "Golf Alfa Tango Bravo Hotel"
G-AWZV        Trident 3B                  BA
G-BBAI           L-1011                        BA
OY-KGM         DC-9-41                     SAS
SE-DBM        DC-9-41                     SAS

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  1. I flew to Dusseldorf on EI-ASH in July 1974 and it was in Transair Canada colours then.