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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Dublin Movements, January 1976

Another winter month with just a few highlights to note.  The appearance of two BA Super VC-10s on training sorties was particularly welcome.  If my recollection is correct, on the 25th both Gulf Air and BA VC10s were in the runway 24 circuit simultaneously – truly a wonderful sight!

3 January
G-BBAH         L-1011                        BA

4 January
G-BBAF         L-1011                        BA

8 January
196                 Alouette III                   Irish Air Corps
PH-TVD         B737-2K2C               Transavia

11 January
OO-SKJ         HS125

12 January
216                 CM170 Magister
G-AOYH         V806                           BA
G-AZLR          V813                          BMA
SE-GKL         Cessna 414               Kranlyft

14 January
G-ASGH        V1151 Super VC10  BA
OY-KGK         DC-9-41                     SAS

23 January
EC-CGR        DC-9-32                     Aviaco

25 January
A4O-VI           VC10                          Gulf Air
D-ABKG         B727-230                   Lufthansa
EC-CFA         B727-256                   Iberia
EI-AWD          PA-22 Tri-Pacer
G-ASGG        V1151 Super VC10  BA
G-AXPU         HS125

30 January
D-IABC           Citation 500               ABS Pumpenfabrik
G-ASNG         DH104 Dove    (At Cork in 1983)
I-PRLL            AC680
SE-DBM        DC-9-41                     SAS

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