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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dublin Movements, March 1977

From this month on my logs are more detailed so I'll be able to include flight numbers etc. for more visitors.  The main event of the month was the Ireland-France rugby match on 19 March, and this produced a good variety of operators, most of which were not regularly seen at Dublin.  Star item was the MEA Boeing 720B, some of that carrier's fleet being based at Paris during one of the many upheavals in Lebanon's recent history.  Of the British charter carriers, Dan-Air appeared in some strength, with two Comets visiting in addition to BAC 1-11s.  A soccer international against France at the end of the month saw several French visitors, with the Air France 747-100 a first visit of the type with that airline.

The two ex-French Skyraiders rank as the most interesting ever visitors to Dublin, as far as I am concerned.  From memory, they pitched up on the Dublin frequency after diverting from Shannon in bad weather, and when they announced themselves to ATC as two Skyraiders I made an urgent visit to the airport to see them!  Having come from Chateaudun, they spent a few weeks at Dublin before leaving for Iceland on the next stage of a transatlantic ferry flight.

On the 21st, Super King Air SE-GRR was already on charge to the Irish Department of Defence and later took up Air Corps serial 232.

1 March
G-AYRY            HS125

2 March
OY-BIM            Cessna 421B

3 March
HB-VEZ           Falcon 20

9 March
N91935           A-1D Skyraider             Arrived together as "Univair 702"
N91945           A-1D Skyraider

11 March
OY-ASP           Learjet 25 

12 March
F-BTOV           V952                                EAS
G-AXMG          BAC1-11                          Monarch (op. for Aer Lingus)

13 March
D-ANNO          BAC 1-11-414EG              Bavaria Fluggesellschaft (op. for Aer Lingus)
OH-LSA           SE210                              Finnair (op. for Aer Lingus)
SE-DAX           DC-9                                SAS

14 March
F-BYCB           SE210
OO-TEF           A300B1                            TEA (op. for Aer Lingus)
165                   N2501 Noratlas                French AF

15 March
G-BART           HS125
N910CL           DC-8-63CF                      Capitol

17 March
G-BCYF          Falcon 20

18 March
G-ATYW         Beagle 206
G-BBAG         L-1011                                BE518/9
N8731             B707                                  TW8048 to SNN-PIT-AMA(Amarillo)

French Rugby traffic
F-BRGU         SE210                                 Minerve
F-BRUC         Baron
F-BSEL          SE210                                 Euralair        EL857
F-BTQN          Beech 50 Twin Bonanza
F-BUTA          F27                                      TAT               IJ8945 
F-BVPD         SN601 Corvette
F-BVPH         SN601 Corvette 
F-BVPU         SE210                                  Aero'tour
G-AWYS         BAC 1-11                            BCAL
G-AWYU         BAC 1-11                            BCAL
G-AWWZ        BAC 1-11                           Monarch         OM562/3
F-GAMR         DHC-6                                Companie Aérienne du Languedoc

19 March
CN-RMB         B707-351C                        AT5990
D-ABEI           B737-130                          LH076/7

French Rugby traffic
F-BJTH           SE210                              Air Charter, op. SF201A/202A
F-BPFO           Baron
F-BPJV            B727-214                        Air Charter, op. SF165
F-BRUC           Baron
F-BSMP           ST.10 Diplomate
F-BSSL            HS125-400B
F-BTME           Beech 99                         TAT
F-BTOV           V952                                EAS
F-BTYV           Learjet 24D                      Uni-Air
F-BUFF           SE210                              Catair
F-BUFH          SE210                               Aerotour
F-BUTE           F28-1000                         TAT/Air France
F-BUTI            F28-1000                         TAT/Air France
F-BUTS           King Air 90
F-BXAC           Beech 58
F-BYAF            F27                                 Air Rouergue, op. UZ4077
F-BXAJ            V952                               EAS
F-BXAZ           PA-23-250
F-BXOB          PA-28R Arrow
F-BXOG          V952                               EAS
F-BXOK          Cessna 402B
G-BDAS          BAC1-11                         DA
OD-AGB          B720B                            MEA op. for Air Charter as SF010

20 March
D-ABEQ          B737-130                       LH076/7
D-GOLD          PA-34
EC-BMV          DC-8-55F                       IB3741
G-AWZU         Trident 3B                       BE op. as "Bealine 'ZU"
G-BCXR          BAC 1-11                        Monarch op. OM565 EHRD-EGKK
SE-DAL           DC-9-41                          SK537/8

French Rugby traffic 

F-BUZC          SE210                             Minerve
F-BYCB          SE210                             Catair

F-BYCD          SE210                             Catair op. QV7840/1
G-APMG         Comet 4B                        DA9575
G-ARJN          Comet 4B                        DA9574

G-AXCP          BAC-11                           DA9264
G-AXJK           BAC-11                           BR8400/99
G-BDAT           BAC1-11                         DA9262

21 March
SE-GRR          Beech 200                      Irish Air Corps

22 March
EI-AWH           Cessna 210
N90WT            Cessna 206
9J-AEB            B707                              Zambia Airways, dep. as QZ8039

23 March
D-IABC            Citation
G-BDUK          RC690B

25 March
220                  CM170 Magister            Irish Air Corps
G-ASDC          Carvair                           BAF

26 March
G-AZAG          Bell 206

27 March
G-ARNC         PA-22 Tri-Pacer             (from/to Weston)

28 March
F-BPNT          Nord 262                        DGAC

30 March
EI-AWY          Mu-2B-35
F-BJTG          SE210                            Air Charter
F-BJTH          SE210                            Air Charter
F-BKMC         HS125
F-BOSY          Beech 90
F-BPVP          B747-128                       AF4606/7
F-BUFH          SE210                           Aerotour
F-BUTV          Beech 90
F-BVUY          V952                              EAS
SE-DAW         DC-9                              SK538
5N-AND          B737                              Nigeria Airways

31 March
PH-ILX           Falcon 20                       Philips

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