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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dublin Movements, February 1977

Lufthansa sent in a couple of their less-common 727-100s.  Their service operated via Manchester on Saturdays and Sundays.  Similarly SAS used two of their short DC-9s, which were a rare sight in Dublin.  The French Noratlas was on one of their occasional navigation training flights - always a stirring sight and sound. The appearance of executive Convair 580 N76Y necessitated a visit after I heard "Convair 76 Yankee" on the radio that Sunday afternoon!

4 February
G-AZGG       King Air 90

6 February
D-ABIU         Boeing 727-30C             Lufthansa
G-ATPE        HS125

9 February
F-BXPT        Learjet 23

17 February
G-BEJN        RC690

18 February
SE-DBS        DC-9-21                         SAS

20 February
C-GDHA       DHC-6-300                     De Havilland Canada
D-ABEC       B737-130                        LH
G-AXFH        DH114 Heron 1B

22 February
123                 N2501 Noratlas             FM0377

25 February
SE-DBP        DC-9-21                         SAS

27 February
D-ABII            Boeing 727-30C            Lufthansa
N76Y              Convair 580                   Great Lakes Carbon
N102ML         Gulfstream II
SE-DDP         DC-9-41                         SAS

28 February
G-APSO         DH104 Dove

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