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Monday, May 16, 2011

Dublin movements, October 1975

This month saw some interesting visitors.  The Alitalia 747s were on charter flights to and from Rome for the canonisation of Blessed Oliver Plunkett.  The Dutch Navajos were in connection with the kidnapping by the IRA of industrialist Dr Tiede Herrema, who was eventually traced to Monasterevin and released with only minor injuries.Article

Alidair Viscount N501TL was a very nice catch.  Photo I think it could not be placed on the UK register because of equipment differences and so it was disposed of to Far Eastern Air Transport the following year.
History of Viscount c/n 353  What is also interesting about this aircraft is that it crashed in Indonesia in 1980 while in service with Bouraq.  The cause was traced to failure of an elevator trim tab and subsequent separation of the right elevator.  When a detailed review of the 1968 loss of Aer Lingus Viscount EI-AOM was carried out in 2001/2, the Indonesian accident was among those cited as indicative of structural issues with the Viscount design.

1 October
C-GQBH        B707-123B    Quebecair
G-AZNC         Viscount         BMA
LN-RLN          DC-9-41         SAS
N28727          B707-331B    TW877

3 October
G-AVZZ          B707-138B    Laker (for maintenance)
I-ATIY              DC-9-32         ATI
N1798U          DC-9               Itavia
SE-DAU         DC-9-41         SAS

4 October
D-ABEM        B737-130       LH
D-ABEU         B737-130       LH
D-COMM       Falcon 20
EC-BYF          DC-9               Iberia
LZ-BTG          Tu-154            Balkan
N774TW         B707               TW877

8 October
G-APWH        Herald             BIA
G-BAVE         Beech 100
I-DEMB          B747-243B    Alitalia
PH-NAS         PA-31

10 October
G-AWZW       Trident 3B      BE
N94K              JetStar 8

12 October
A4O-VC         VC10              Gulf Air (training)

15 October
D-EKWJ         Beech Bonanza
G-AVFM & G-AWZL Tridents
G-BART         HS125            Green Shield Stamps
I-DEMA          B747-143       Alitalia
PH-BAB         PA-31

17 October
I-DEMO          B747-243B    Alitalia

18 October
D-CAFO         Learjet
EC-ASN         DC-8-52         Aviaco
EI-AOD           Cessna 182
F-BUVX         Rallye
G-AOYG         Viscount         BA
G-AOYI           Viscount         BA
G-AVBY         BAC 1-11       Laker
LZ-BTF           Tu-154            Balkan
N12AB           King Air 90
N77SW          Gulfstream II   Seagrams
PH-MAR         DC-9               Martinair

25 October
D-ABEQ         B737-130       LH
EC-BPG         DC-9-32         IB
N501TL          Viscount         Alidair
N28728          B707-331B    TW877
YU-AJD          Tu-134A         Aviogenex Photo

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