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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dublin Movements, January 1977

Another month of slim enough pickings, but some nice visitors nonetheless.  Gulfstream C-FNOR was a regular visitor; I think owners Noranda had an interest in Tara mines.  N64696 was an ex-United 720 which still wore that carrier's basic (old) livery.  This was a re-registration from OO-VGM of Delta Air Transport. It was one of many early Boeings to linger around the Aer Lingus hangars at Dublin for months at a time.  It eventually lasted a lot longer than most of the type, as it ended up as an instructional airframe at the Geo T Baker School beside Miami Airport.  It was broken up there in 2003.

The Iberia DC-8 freighter was operating possibly the first of a series of scheduled cargo flights.  These used to arrive on a Saturday afternoon, with EC-BMV operating all flights in the series.  British Airways VC10 G-ARVM was used largely for crew training and while it mostly appeared at Shannon, on occasion Dublin or Cork were used for circuit work as well.  It shows how relatively quiet things were, that training jet traffic could be accepted in the circuit at Dublin.

1 January
G-AROI         DH104 Dove
N827GA       Gulfstream II

5 January
C-FNOR       Gulfstream II                  Noranda Mines
SE-DAT        DC-9                             SAS

6 January 
N8705T          Boeing 707-331B       TWA

N64696          Boeing 720-022

10 January
49                   Mystere 20                    French AF c/s FM0060, to Cork
9J-AEB          B707                              Zambia AW c/s QZ8024
F-BRAR         Cessna 310

15 January
D-ABEN         B737-130                     LH
EC-BMV         DC-8-55F                     IB3741/2
EI-AWY           Mu-2

16 January
D-ABKF          B727-230                     LH
G-ARVM         VC10                            BA
N4867T           DC-8-63CF                 TIA
SE-DAL          DC-9                             SAS

24 January
XX507             HS125 CC.2                 RAF c/s RR1695

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