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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dublin Movements, November and December 1976

My records for these two months are few, so I am combining them in one post.  The star sighting for me was the French Navy C-47 on 15 December, which took me by surprise as it made an early left turn out off runway 24 towards Killiney and Vartry.  I had not known it was in and it was the first time I had seen one of these silver, white and dayglo machines.  Thankfully several more would visit before their retirement in the mid-1980s.  Aircraft "23" was originally 17223 of the US Navy, delivered in 1944.  After disposal by the French it was bought by Basler for their BT-67 turboprop programme.  As N96BF, on 16 December 1994 it crashed on takeoff at Lobito, Central African Rep. and was destroyed.

BCAL 707 G-AYSI was a rare enough vistor to Dublin. This particular machine was later sold to TAMPA Colombia as HK-2401-X but was destroyed when it crashed after an engine failure on take-off at Medellin on December 14, 1983.

17 November
OO-SKF        Rockwell 680
PH-PBX        Fokker F28                    Netherlands Govt.

21 November
OY-BLG         Learjet

26 November
G-ASDC        ATL.98 Carvair              BAF Cargo
15 December
23                  C-47A                              Aeronavale, callsign FYDQD
N888SW       Gulfstream II

17 December
G-AYSI           B707-373C                     British Caledonian c/s BR6394

23 December
G-BBAE         L-1011                             BA

24 December
G-BBAH         L-1011                             BA
N887PA          B707-321B                    Pan Am

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