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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Dublin Movements, October 1976

This month was again enlivened by some movements which would have used Shannon but for a fuellers' dispute there.  Three different Hercules appeared in my log - two Saudi C-130s and Southern Air's L-100 N9232R.  The two Dan-Air 1-11s were operating one-off charters but would in due course become regulars when the airline began a scheduled service from Gatwick.  

SFERMA Marquis F-BLLR was a Beech Baron converted to Astazou turboprop power; fourteen of these conversions were produced and in fact this example (or at least its fuselage) survives as a museum exhibit at Montelimar.  British Midland 707 G-AYBJ operated a charter for Quebecair.  BMA's 707s spent most of their careers out on lease and wore many different liveries.  US Navy Convair 141009 on the 25th was visiting in connection with the presence in Dublin Port of the USS Mount Whitney.  A visit to the vessel found two Bell UH-1Ns on board: serials 159191 and 159193.

2 October
D-ABEU        B737-130                          Lufthansa
EI-BBR          BN-2A                                Aer Arann
F-BUYR         Beech Baron
G-AWZI          Trident 3B                          BA
G-AXPU         HS125
HB-VBL         Mystere 20
N410ND        Citation 500
N403PA         B707-321B                       Pan Am
N884PA         B707-321B                       Pan Am
N9232R          L-100-30                          Southern Air

3 October
463                 C-130H                              Royal Saudi AF
C-GQBH        B707-123B                       Quebecair
D-ABFE         B737-230C                       LH
EC-CFE         B727                                  IB
EI-BBG           Rallye
G-AOHM        V802                                  BA
G-ATBH          Aero145
N424PA          B707-321B                       Pan Am
N214GP         Gulfstream II                      Gillette Corp.
N871D            Gulfstream II
OY-KGR          DC-9-41                            SAS

4 October
EI-AWS           PA-34
G-BAYT           HS125

9 October
D-ABED          B737-130                         LH
EC-BIL            DC-9                                  IB
G-AOYL          Viscount 806                     BA
G-AVFO          Trident 2                            BA
G-AVPS          PA-30

LZ-BTK            Tu-154                             Balkan

10 October
D-ABEI            B737-130                         LH
EC-CFG          B727                               IB
G-AVMR          BAC 1-11                         BA
N423PA           B707-321B                      PA
N453PA           B707-321B                      PA
N18708            B707-331B                     TW

11 October 
EI-ARS            C-54E                              Aer Turas

12 October
G-ATPL           BAC 1-11                        Dan-Air
G-ATTP           BAC 1-11                        Dan-Air

13 October
G-AWMS         HS125                            Rio Tinto Zinc
G-BCCE          HS125
I-DEME            B747-143                      Alitalia (wet-lease to Aer Lingus )
N18712            B707                              TWA
SE-DAL            DC-9                              SAS

16 October
F-BLLR             SFERMA Marquis        Air Lorient
G-BAVE            King Air 100

17 October
G-AYBJ             B707-321                      British Midland

18 October
F-BIHY               Mystere 20
G-AVFC            Trident 2                          BA
G-BCGU           Jetstream 200                Guinness

19 October
G-AVFJ            Trident 2                          BA
 9J-AEB            B707-351C                    Zambia A/W

21 October
C6-BDP            BAC 1-11                       Bahamasair
G-BBLI              Commander 500

25 October
461                   C-130H                            RSAF
141009            C-131F                            US Navy Mildenhall

28 October
OO-LFA            Learjet                            Abelag Aviation
G-BCZR             Viscount                        BMA

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