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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dublin movements, April 1975

It is worth mentioning that the North Apron held three long-term residents:

N7777G  L-749A    
VP-BDF  B707-321 
C6-BDG  B707-321
The 707s had been operated by Bahamas World Airways.

3 April
G-AVFK    Trident 2E         British Airways
G-AVNG    Beech 80          Travel Air
G-AWZA   Trident 3B         British Airways
N37777     Boeing 720-022 - seen here at Miami the previous year as HP-685 

5 April
EC-BIR      DC-9-32              Iberia
N4869T     DC-8-63CF        Trans International

6 April
G-AXOY    V952 Vanguard   Invicta

12 April
93               Mystere 20          French AF
11+03        JetStar 8              Luftwaffe
CM-01       Mystere 20          Belgian AF
D-ABEH    B737-130            Lufthansa
D-ABEN    B737-130            Lufthansa

G-AWZN    Trident 3B           British Airways

14 April
N95            Convair ET-29C  FAA (flight calibration aircraft)

27 April (Sunday)
D-ABEY     B737-130            Lufthansa
EC-CAJ     B727-256            Iberia - on the once-a-week BCN-MAD-DUB flight IB741/2
EI-AWW     Cessna 414        DUB-based aircraft which in my experience flew only very rarely
G-ANNO    DH114 Heron
G-ARPC    Trident 1C            British Airways
N90WT      Cessna 206         Welltrade (this was Shannon-based)
SE-DAL     DC-9-41               SAS - flight number SK541/2, which operated                   CPH-MAN-DUB three times a week.

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