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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dublin movements, June 1975

The advent of the summer saw a considerable increase in activity and, in the days before low-cost carriers, students and holidaymakers mostly travelled on charter flights.  The US supplemental carriers tended to use callsigns based on their registration, so the World DC-8 on the 13th would have been calling "World 805".  My visits to the airport were not that frequent, but here are a couple of days on which a variety of movements were seen.

13 June 1975
 201                 Dove                           Irish Air Corps
G-ATIG           Herald                         British Island Airways (BIA)
G-AVJB          Viscount                     BMA
I-ATIA              DC-9-32                     ATI
I-VSIA             SF260                        Siai-Marchetti (company demonstrator)
N80WT           PA-23-250 Aztec      Welltrade
N766TW         B707-331                   TW877
N805WA        DC-8-63CF               World Airways
OO-VGM        B720-022                   Delta Air Transport
OY-SAK         Caravelle                    Sterling
PH-ILX            Falcon 20                   Philips NV
SE-DAS         DC-9-41                     SAS

BA BAC 1-11s G-AVMP/T/V were also seen.  The Delta A/T 720 was still in basic United colours and, as far as I can recall, spent a good while with Aer Lingus for maintenance.  The Italian SF260 was on its way to Baldonnel and its visit led to an Air Corps order for the type.

28 June 1975
CF-SBR         Gulfstream II
EC-BIP           DC-9-32                     Iberia
EI-APF           Cessna 150
F-BTDA          AC1121 Jet Commander
G-ANVU         Dove
G-AWKX        Queen Air
G-AYVF          Trident 3B                  BA

G-BCCL         HS125                        McAlpine Avn.
N???PA          B707-321B                Pan Am (I never managed to tie this up...grrr!) 
N866F            DC-8-63CF               Overseas National (callsign OV866)

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