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Monday, May 9, 2011

Dublin movements, August 1975

Here's another month's selection, with a representative picture of what was to be seen.

2 August
EC-ARC         DC-8-52         Aviaco
EC-BQZ         DC-9-32         Iberia
EI-ASM           B707-351C    Aer Lingus (leased from Zambia Airways in their basic livery,      ex-9J-AEB) Photo as 9J-AEB
G-ASEC         HS125
N403PA          B707-321B    Pan Am
N8731             B707-331B    TWA
N4867T          DC-8-63CF   TIA

3 August
OO-STB         B727-29C       SABENA (operated an Aer Lingus flight)

11 August
CF-TIN            DC-8-63         Air Canada
G-BBAH         L-1011             British Airways
OO-TEC         B707-131       TEA

12 August
A4O-VC         VC10             Gulf Air (training)

14 August
G-BDAE         BAC 1-11       Dan-Air
OH-LSD         Caravelle        Finnair
F99/61-ZG     Transall C160F      French AF

17 August
AP-AMG        B720-040B    Air Malta (leased from PIA)

20 August
177                 Provost T.51  Irish Air Corps
C-GQBH        B707-123B    Quebecair
EC-CGN        DC-9-32         Aviaco
N406PA         B707-321B    PA
OY-SAJ          Caravelle        Sterling

25 August
N733T            B720-027       Aeroamerica – maintenance

26 August
G-AWOV        CL44-D4        Tradewinds, c/s IK1566

29 August
G-APET         V953F            BA

30 August
D-ABEV         B737-130       LH
D-IMWZ          Learjet
EC-CQM        DC-8-54F      Aviaco
G-AOHO        Viscount         BA
G-ARPW        Trident            BA
G-AWLL         Bell 206
G-AWZT         Trident 3B      BA (destroyed in mid-air collision with Inex-Adria DC-9 YU-AJR over Zagreb on 10 September 1976)
N205M           Gulfstream II
N8732            B707-331B    TWA

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