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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dublin movements, July 1975

3 July 1975
EC-CGP        DC-9-32                     Aviaco
EI-ASO           B707-349C                Aer Lingus (returned from lease to BCAL but was leased out again to Zambia Airways in mid-July, as 9J-AEC)
G-AOYN         Viscount                     BA
G-APEY         Viscount                     BA
G-AZNB         Viscount                     BMA (in partial Cyprus Airways livery)
N801WA        DC-8-63CF               World
N18701          B707-331B                TWA
OH-LSB         Caravelle                    Finnair – operating Kar-Air charter
OY-SBZ          Caravelle                    Sterling

BA jets noted were Trident G-ARPR and 1-11 G-AVML.

10 July 1975
D-IABC           Citation
D-EGUZ         PA-28
EI-AWR          Malmo MFI-9
F-BGNT          Viscount 708             Alidair
G-APVW        V35 Bonanza
G-ATPL          BAC 1-11                   Dan-Air
N93                 ET-29C                      FAA
N760TW         B707-331B                TWA
N762TW         B707-331                   TWA

The Alidair Viscount was still in Air Inter colours with just the titles changed, so it was quite a nice catch - as seen in this Mick Bajcar photo:F-BGNT    It was was on an oil industry charter, I think.

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